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Butch Walker got a Bad-Ass Relic Asher T-Deluxe

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

Butch Walker is a multi-talented artist, producer, song-writer – and now he’s playing an Asher Guitar.

He recently picked up an Asher T-Deluxe with nitro Blonde “road worn” finish work.

It has a one-piece select weight swamp ash body, 2 piece quarter-sawn figured maple neck, custom black guard and face dots, ebony pedhead face with pearl logo, Asher electronics and Glendale hardware. This thing is “sweeeet”!

Bill Asher works with Gavin Rossdale (Bush) at Las Vegas Gig

June 4, 2011

Bill got a chance to get out on the road for this project – he ditched his workshop apron for his all black guitar tech ensemble for the Gavin Rossdale gig at the Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas.

The event was a celebrity-studded fashion show fundraiser with Rossdale and guitarist Chris Traynor as the musical guests. The set list of 6 songs included a Pink Floyd cover, and Bush favorites such as Glycerine and Come Down.

The duo performed on a stage overlooking the Azure Luxury Pool. Traynor played two Asher guitars that night: his Electro Sonic and Gavin’s new Asher S-Custom that was used for most of the electric guitar rhythm tracks on the upcoming Bush album. “The clarity and tone of this guitar worked really well in the studio,” Gavin told Bill when they met to rehearse for the gig.

You can check this website for upcoming Bush tours:



Zac Brown Band on board with Asher Guitars!

May 17, 2011

We’re a little bit of country, and a little bit of rock and roll. We are happy to announce that all-American country group the Zac Brown Band are now proud players of Asher Guitars. This band has taken the country music world by storm, producing 6 number one singles on the Billboard Country Charts in the last 5 years and winning a Grammy in 2010 for Best New Artist.

Two Asher electric guitar models have joined the Zac Brown tour and are making regular appearances at their recent live shows. Frontman Zac Brown purchased a beautiful tobacco burst S-Custom guitar loaded with Jason Lollar pickups.

The Band’s guitarist, Clay Cook, purchased a Tobacco burst T-Deluxe model, that he had Bill relic for that ‘road worn” look.

Even the guitar tech, Eric Pretto, is in on the Asher action. He purchased a Marc Ford model for himself and now even his Asher is being played on stage with the band (see the photo of Clay Cook with Pretto’s Asher Marc Ford model.)

If you want to catch them live, check out their link: http://www.zacbrownband.com/shows.html