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Asher Shout Outs!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Asher Electro Hawaiian® lap steel player Chris Combs and his band Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO) will be performing their unique reinterpretations of Beethoven's 3rd and 6th Symphonies in a project titled "Ludwig.”

The 4 members of JFJO will be performing along side a 44-piece orchestra and will be filmed entirely in HD for a documentary feature to be released later this year.

“This will definitely be the first time a lap steel has been featured as a centerpiece of an orchestra and I'm very proud to be center-stage with my Electro Hawaiian®,” says Combs.

Orchestrated by Noan Faingold and arranged by Noam Faingold, and JFJO, these epic works have been reconstituted in a modern light. JFJO brings Beethoven to life in a new and exciting manner. Channeling the spirits of not only Beethoven & Karajan but Led Zeppelin & Radiohead as well, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey are turning Beethoven's 3rd & 6th symphonies into modern music for today's audiences.

Visit the bands website for more information: http://www.jfjo.com

Adam Ollendorff and his Electro Hawaiian® Model I lap steel will be joining Will Hoges band in a taping of a show that will air nationally on PBS. The acclaimed radio-concert series “Bluegrass Underground” is partnering with PBS to bring the unique “musical adventure” series to national audiences. Many of the episodes will be videotaped 333-feet below the ground in the acoustically pure Volcano Room, deep inside the Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee. Here’s where you can find out more information: http://bluegrassunderground.com

CONGRATULATIONS to Brazilian Asher Acoustic Hawaiian player Felipe Apolonio, who was recently nominated in the category "Best Musician" with the album "Fapo e Os Humanoides" for the Açorianos Honor 2009. "Premio Açorianos" is the "Grammy" equivalent of music in Brazil.

ON SALE NOW! Ben Harper Signature Model

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ben Harper Signature Model is finally here and available for purchase from Asher Guitars and a few select dealers around the world.

Bill Asher and Ben Harper together are making lap steel history by creating a legacy of amazing modern-day lap steel guitars like none other.

The Ben Harper Signature Model lap steel simultaneously captures the classic tone of the revered ‘59 Les Paul guitar, the unique vibe of a vintage Weissenborn, and the feel and sustain of an Asher lap steel.

This new model won’t be selling out anytime soon since it is no longer a limited edition, but an artist signature model. After many years of touring and hundreds of hours recording in the studio with his Asher, Ben wanted to continue to offer this stellar lap steel to players for years to come.

For some insane ear and eye candy, check out Ben in action with his Asher lap steel on his newly released DVD and CD combo of Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 - LIVE at the Montreal Jazz Festival. The DVD set is available for purchase on Benharper.net